ASDERA finds the 'missing heritability' by em-ploying a patented computational biostatistics approach that became feasible only with the advent of 32-bit operating systems in 2001.

ASDERA analyzes not only individual genetic 'letter' positions (SNPs),
    but genetic 'words' (several neighboring SNPs).

ASDERA allows the consequence of a misspelled 'letter' (minor allele) 
    to depend on other misspelled 'letters' within the same 'word'.

ASDERA accounts for genetic structures (neighborhood) and locations
    with common parental 'crossovers' (recombination hotspots).

ASDERA uses decision rules that account for GWAS not being random-
    ized and for the meaning of 'significance' to depend on the frequency
    of unusual letters (minor alleles).

The computational effort necessary to achieve these goals is substan-
tial, but - with GPU enabled cloud instances readily available -  feasible.


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