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Asdera's Vision is to Prevent Mutism in Autism

Among the >60,000 US
children who develop
autism spectrum disorders
(ASD) every year, 20,000
become nonverbal and
will have to rely on
assisted living for the
rest of their life.

Our published genetics
results (see SCIENCE) suggest

  • mutism is to Asperger's what pneumonia is to the common cold – more severe than the underlying condition, but treatable, and
    an exceptionally safe drug (an ester-prodrug of the NSAID mefenamic acid) given to high-risk children during the 2nd year of life to prevent disruption of active language development (DALD) from causing life-long lack of language and intellectual disability.
Kumaraguru Raja
(2018) Figure 6

News (2018-03-22): ASD-002 (as: QBM-001) valuated by Brookline Capital Markets (BCM) at $861M times Probability-of-Success (PoS) for Phase 3 to Approval (typically >50%)

News (2020-02-12): The license agreement with Q Biomed has been terminated and all outstanding claims have been resolved.

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