ASD-006 is being developed as a 'fasting mimetic' to address a common dysregulation involved in many age-related conditions.

ASDERA's discovery platform pointed to upregulation of the PI cycle, which regulates endocytosis as a common problem in cancers (b1 integrin), Alzheimer's (APP), Parkinson's (a-synuclein), Huntington's 
(mHTT), ALS (SOD1), and atherosclerosis (LDL).

Intravenous beta-cyclodextrin had been shown to be effective in animal models of all these disorders, but scavenging cholesterol (in addition to phospho-lipids) may cause permanent hearing loss.

Pinpointing the role of phospholipids led to derivatives of alpha-CD as a safer and more efficient nutritional intervention. As scavenging phospholipids also reduces arachidonic acid, oral ASD-006 not only reduces autoph-aging, but also inflamm-aging).

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