ASDERA develops drugs for unmet needs 
by utilizing a patented computational biostatistics platform to identify complex genetic risk factors in small (n>500) epidemiological and phase 2/3 studies.

  The ASDERA time-/pipeline:

  1. Validation: Confirmation of known drug targets in epilepsy
    (2013, Pharmacogenomics, in only 185 cases)
  2. Proof-of-principle: L-fucose in Crohn's disease 
    (in phase 3, from 2006 dbGaP data, in only 1000 cases)
  3. Outlicensed: A derivative of mefenamic acid against mutism in autism (2014, Nature: Translational Psychiatry, pat. pending)
  4. Current lead: Derivatives of a-cyclodextrin (pat. pending) against
    - breast cancer metastases (
    - Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease (AD/PD) progression,
  5. - multiple sclerosis (MS)
    - senescence (prevention of cancer, AD/PD, atherosclerosis, ...)