ASDERA develops the first drug against a common problem underlying several age-related disorders.

ASDERA's discovery platform pointed to upregulation of the PI cycle, which regulates endocytosis as a common problem in cancers (b1 integrin), Alzheimer's (APP), Parkinson's (a-synuclein), multiple sclerosis (MS), and atherosclerosis (LDL).

Beta-cyclodextrin had been shown to be effective in animal models of all these disorders, but scavenging cholesterol (in addition to phospholipids) may cause permanent hearing loss.

Pinpointing the PI cycle as the drug target leads to derivatives of alpha-CD as safer and more efficient intervention. As scavenging phospholipids also reduces arachidonic acid (similar to aspirin's function), "baby-aCD" may become the "next-generation baby-aspirin for baby-boomers".

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